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Circumstances, Red Wings too much for Coyotes

Let’s go Coyotes…Let’s go Coyotes…Let’s go Coyotes…

The chant echoed around Arena Wednesday night,
not long after the game ended but long after the game, and
really the series, was no longer in doubt. Only now, with
the Coyotes season over, one could follow that chant with
a simple question.


Throughout this entire season, and especially over the
last few weeks, rumors have been swirling around the
Coyotes. Would they be sold to Matthew Hulsizer? Did the
deal fall through? Will the team call Canada its home by
next season? If they weren’t already, all those questions
will now come to the forefront after the team was swept
out of the playoffs and into the off-season by the Detroit
Red Wings.

“It caps off just a, I don’t even know what the word would
be, a miserable year off-ice for this organization,”
defenseman Adrian Aucoin said. “I think the players did
just about everything we could, and we did unbelievable
under the circumstances.

“Come playoffs they’re still driving it through our brains
that we might be moving out of here so it was tough.”