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Cardinals make the right choice with Patrick Peterson

The Cardinals had me worried.

Rumors started to circulate about the team trading down, which were bad enough, but then they were followed by talk of them reaching for Missouri defensive end/linebacker Aldon Smith.

Oh boy.

The last time the Cardinals traded down was 2003, when they passed on Terrell Suggs (and the guy I wanted, Byron Leftwich) and traded from sixth to 17th and 18th. Supposedly the guy they were targeting ended up being picked before their turn came around, and they were left with Calvin Pace, Bryant Johnson and bewildered fans.

Furthermore, the last time they passed on a Peterson in the top 10 in order to draft for a position of need they ended up with Levi Brown who, while not the worst player ever, is not worthy of his draft spot. Then again most people, except for the Cardinals, had that opinion of the player on draft day.

Ultimately, however, the Cardinals stood pat and, while maybe not filling a position of need, added the guy many believe is the best player in the draft. If that’s not the definition of winning, well, I don’t know what is.