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Kevin Kolb would be Whisenhunt’s defining decision

How much do you trust Ken Whisenhunt?

Roughly nine months ago I wrote that I did and everyone else should too. I felt he had a good grasp on the team’s QB situation in the post-Warner era and the team, while likely taking a small step back, would not be in too bad of shape.

Well, as they often say when Mark Reynolds is at the plate, swing and a miss.

But now he gets another chance, assuming the league and players come to some sort of labor agreement, to find someone – anyone – who can lead an offense good enough to get the Cardinals back to the playoffs.

Sure, there are plenty of options out there, though there are no sure things on the market. Maybe that’s because teams don’t let a QB leave unless there is something wrong or serious doubts.

And therein lies the rub for the Arizona Cardinals.

I’ll admit it, I’m not a fan of Kevin Kolb. The current frontrunner in the QB race, I have been less-than-impressed with what has been a mediocre career up to this point. He has room to improve, of course, since he’s only 26 and has played in all of 20 NFL games, but I’m really nervous about the Cardinals giving up a high draft pick and maybe even a player to acquire the Eagles backup.

To me, acquiring Kolb at the price he’s likely to command means a few things, most importantly that they think he’s a franchise quarterback. You don’t give up high draft picks for players you hope will be good, but you do move them for ones you know will get the job done. Whiz and the Cardinals would not be trading for Kolb so he can compete for the starting job, they would be making the move so they could give the job to him.