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Suns Social Media Night: My date with Lon Babby

Lon Babby sure knows how to get social. He kept me out until after midnight.

It’s 12:45 a.m., waaaay past my bedtime, and I’m just getting home from “Social Media Night” with the Phoenix Suns… and the afterparty with Lon Babby.

After the Suns lost to the Thunder, 116-98, team president Lon Babby and general manager Lance Blanks stuck around to chat with me and about 70 Suns fans, taking questions from the crowd and answering tweets that listeners had been sending in the past week.

Here’s what I learned from “Social Media Night” with Suns President Lon Babby and General Manager Lance Blanks:

The Phoenix Suns don’t know whether or not they are going to trade Steve Nash.

I think they should. Nash’s value will only decrease after this season. And depending on what happens after the NBA lockout (yes, I’m speaking in certain terms), the best and most financially responsible time to trade him is now. But I think the organization is 50/50 right now.

Robin Lopez will be wearing orange and purple next season.

OK, I wouldn’t bet the farm on that, but it sure sounded like it. Lance chalks up his less-than-stellar season to a belated “sophomore slump.” It’s the California native’s third year in the league.

The words “younger” and “more athletic” were used to describe the Suns’ plans for the offseason.

Both Lon and Lance spoke with a lot of hope about the offseason. I think they are ready to put this season behind them and look to the future.

Trade rumors are just that. Rumors.

Twice the Jazz forward Paul Millsap for Robin Lopez trade was brought up. Twice Lon Babby made it clear that the trade was never even close to happening.

“If you were [Jazz GM & President] Kevin O’Connor, would you trade Paul Millsap for Robin Lopez?”

Ummm, I’m gonna go with no on that one.

Knowing what they know now, the Phoenix Suns would have made the trade with Orlando even earlier in the season. It’s the one organization decision that Lon Babby would go back and change — not the decision but rather the timing.

Perspectives have changed.

Lon talked about the difference in watching games now versus a year ago. He isn’t worried about injuries and how coaches are treating his guys. The long-time player agent has changed his focus and now tries to concentrate on the team.

Lon wants to know what the fans think.

He’ll answer the hard questions, even the ones he’s not prepared for. There was no filter between him and fans at “Social Media Night.” And it’s not like the Suns are making a solid playoff run, or even coming off of a win. Pretty impressive.

The last question came from a girl about 10-years-old, “What’s the best and worst part about your job?”

Babby responded, “The best part of my job is winning, and the worst part of my job is losing.

Brilliant attitude. And he’s a great date.

Thanks again for the grilled cheese and fries, Lon.