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Sports Kabob – 5/27

Ladies and gentlemen (and especially ladies), welcome to the Sports Kabob, a skewered look at the world of sports and pop culture.

Here are the top stories:

John Daly wore bright pink pants during Sunday’s final round of the BMW PGA Championship in a gesture of support for Phil Mickelson’s wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While Daly playing Sunday’s round in pink pants showed that he is sensitive, Daly playing Saturday round without pants showed that he is also a drunk

Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 to win the Champions League title on Wednesday with goals by Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi.

So if you’re keeping track, that means that several European cities and pubs will be destroyed by hooligans drunk on tequila instead of Guinness

Top-seeded Rafael Nadal has never lost at Roland Garros, and his 30th straight win on the tournament’s red clay gives him the record for most consecutive wins.

Experts say that there hasn’t been someone that dominant in France since Hitler

A central Florida man arrested with thousands of anabolic steroid pills told investigators he sold to professional athletes, including players on the Washington Nationals, authorities said Wednesday.

In other words, the man sold steroids that didn’t work

The agent of Steelers linebacker James Harrison says the player’s young son has been released from a Pittsburgh hospital after an attack by his father’s pit bull.

As punishment to the pitbull, he will be sentenced to 3-5 years at Michael Vick’s house

Helio Castroneves has earned a record $3,048,005 for his third Indianapolis 500 victory.

Or, as far as the IRS is concerned, $20,000

The NBA will play a preseason game in Monterrey, Mexico, between the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers on Oct. 18.

As per Mexican tradition, the winning team will be seranaded by a mariachi band, while the losing team will be infected with the swine flu

Organizers say the Motor City Bowl will be held the day after Christmas at Detroit’s Ford Field.

However, in Detroit the game the will be advertised as being held the day after “No Money for Presents Day”

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin will no longer be represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus

Instead, Boldin said he has found an agent who is less ego driven and more trust worthy, Bernie Madoff

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed an agreement with an investment group from China to become minority owners of the NBA franchise and its arena

The Chinese investment group has told Cavs fans not to expect any changes with the franchise, except that for now on the hot dogs sold at games will now be made with real dog

That’s all for this week, leave comments and remember this is Jarrett Carlen congratulating Jon Rauch on being the Chrysler of Major League Baseball