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Gibberman: What were they thinking…

What Were They Thinking…On Monday I was watching highlights of the Cleveland Indians-Chicago White Sox game on Baseball Tonight. Chris Perez was making his first relief appearance for the Indians since being involved in the Mark DeRosa trade. Perez drilled the first batter he faced Alexei Ramirez in the head and then hit Jermaine Dye in the upper body. Baseball Tonight analyst Dave Winfield broke it down for us “Perez just didn’t have control tonight.” Thank you captain obvious, my younger sister who when playing softball couldn’t hit a ball out the infield could have explained it like that. Dave Winfield, a Hall of Famer changed teams five times during his career. How about discussing a nerve wrecking first at bat he had with a new team or something that Perez did wrong mechanically to almost hit two straight batters in the head? I won’t completely kill Winfield yet because he hasn’t had the gig for a full season, but I have my doubts.

What Were They Thinking…The Milwaukee Bucks had the opportunity to make Charlie Villanueva a restricted free agent which would have allowed them to match any offer sheet that was given to him by another team. Instead they did not tender Villanueva and allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent. Charlie averaged 16 points per game and 7 rebounds in less than 30 minutes a game. I understand that Bucks ownership is trying to turn them into the Los Angeles Clippers of the Midwest, but this decision made no sense. Even if they had no intentions of resigning him, the smart move is to make him a restricted free agent to drive the price up or possibly set up the opportunity for a sign and trade deal. Instead the Pistons, one of the Bucks division rival were able to sign him to a very reasonable $7 million a year offer and Charlie Villanueva can haunt the Milwaukee Bucks for the next 5 years.

What Were They Thinking…NBC coverage of Wimbledon ruined the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It seemed like every time I turned on the peacock network to watch a match I already knew who won the match they were showing and there would be a live match going on at that time that would get pushed back later. In the days of the 24 hour sports news cycle you can no longer preempt sporting events that you have the opportunity to put on live. If this is a preview of how NBC is going to handle their 2010 Winter Olympics coverage in Vancouver it is going to make for a very long and annoying two weeks.

What Were They Thinking…Speaking of Wimbledon there was one match that I finally did get to watch live, Sunday’s fantastic men’s final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. Roddick showed heart and should have had one of the greatest upsets in tennis history. Already up one set to none the American countrymen was ahead 6-2 in the second set tie breaker. Roddick choked and let Federer score six straight points to win the set. In the third set the two battled to another tie breaker and this time Federer had a 6-2 lead. This time Roddick made the comeback and got it 6-5, but could not finish the job. Federer has a mental toughness that Roddick just does not have. This is why Roger Federer is a historic champion who is one of the all time greats and Andy Roddick will never be anything more than an above average player.

What Were They Thinking…When will pro athletes ever learn? Diana Taurasi, one of the best women’s basketball players in the world got a DUI. When my friends and I go out for a couple drinks we are smart enough to hop in a taxi instead of driving home. Taurasi and these athletes have a lot more money than we do. If they are above taking a taxi, have a driver on call that will come pick you up whenever you want. Heck, pay me enough and I will volunteer to do it. With the amount of money these athletes have it is inexcusable that they continue to make stupid mistakes like this that are so simply corrected.

What Were They Thinking…What does Shaquille O’Neal have against Dwight Howard? I just don’t get it. At his introductory press conference he continued to talk down to Howard, the best young big man in the game. Howard seems like a fun, easy going guy who loves the game of basketball. Every time O’Neal has the chance he takes a shot at him. Shaq we all understand you have accomplished more in your career and are one of the greatest centers to ever play the game. You are also proving to be one of the most immature players to play in the NBA who gets away with it because he throws out cute one liners that makes everyone laugh. Cleveland media enjoy dealing with the “Big Fake” and have fun when he tears that team apart.

What Were They Thinking…The fans actually did a pretty good job selecting this year’s AL and NL All Star team. I do have one bone to pick with the Josh Hamilton selection. He was a great story last year and I really am happy that he was able to turn his life around, but he has no business being the starting center fielder. This took away a spot from one of the more deserving outfielders in Jermaine Dye, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jonny Damon, or Nelson Cruz. Hopefully Hamilton does the right thing, takes a pass on the game and his spot goes to a more deserving player.