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Gibberman: The madness is upon us

Here are my initial thoughts on this year’s NCAA tournament bracket:

– The selection committee swung and missed more than Diamondbacks 3rd baseman Mark Reynolds did last year.

I’m not going to nitpick about them taking Wake Forest over Virginia Tech – decisions like that are 50/50 toss ups. How the hell did Kentucky/West Virginia and Kansas/Ohio State end up in the same regions? This is a disgrace, whatever clowns were in this selection committee should never be allowed to step foot in the decision making room ever again.

– The South bracket is so bad that I am going to have to take Baylor to advance to the Final Four. Duke is an awful #1 seed. In the ACC Championship game Sunday afternoon they were only able to beat Georgia Tech, a 10 seed by 4 points and the Yellow Jackets turned the ball over 17 times.

– The first round match ups are flat out boring, this is the least intriguing NCAA Tournament I can ever remember; Most interesting first round games feature the two Pac-10 teams; Marquette vs. Washington and California vs. Louisville.

– The second round gets a little better. Anyone with any interest in the upcoming NBA draft clear your schedule if Georgia Tech can get past Oklahoma State in the first round. Ohio State and Evan Turner going up against GT and Derrick Favors features two out of the top three picks in next years NBA Draft.

If Louisville beats Cal, Coach K and Coach Pitino will meet in the NCAA tournament for the first time since the historic Kentucky-Duke Elite Eight game in 1992.

– I was really, really, really tempted to pick three Big 12 teams in the Final Four, but decided against it. I see Kansas State struggling mightily with Syracuse’s zone defense. So my Final Four ended up being ‘Cuse, Kansas, Kentucky, and Baylor.

– Kentucky vs. Kansas championship game with Kentucky taking it all home.

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