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Gibberman: What a March weekend

Some Quick Thoughts on the Madness

– I don’t ever remember four such amazing days. It was insane. To give you an idea here is a break down of the point differential: over 20 points – 9 times, over 10 points – 13 times, nine to four points – 12 times, three to one points – 13 times. 27% of the freaking games were decided by three points or less.

– CBS TV coverage is a disgrace. They butchered the end of the Xavier-Pittsburgh and Texas A&M-Purdue coverage. You can’t miss a final shot, which is exactly what they did by missing the last .4 seconds of Pitt-Xav.

– Watching the games on the Internet is cool, but not being able to switch games during commercials is not. I partially understand this is probably how CBS let’s you watch the games for free on their website because they have to be getting paid by advertisers to do it instead of charging people, but come up with something more creative. Have a rotating banner in some of the empty spaces on the side, force me to give my email addresses and spam the crap out of my email, or give an option to pay $5 dollars to be able to switch channels: I would pay the freaking money, it’s worth it.

– If I was going to redo my Final 4 after the first two rounds I would go Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, and Ohio State with Kentucky and Cuse meeting in the championship game.

– Duke is a better team than I thought. I was pretty confident Baylor would beat them in the Elite 8, I no longer think Baylor can upset Duke. I also think Duke makes Kentucky a little nervous, but the talent of Calapari’s squad takes over.

– Taking a look at the early Sweet 16 lines I like Kentucky -9.5, Duke -8.5, and Baylor -3.5.