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Sports Kabob – 5/5

Ladies and gentlemen (and especially ladies), welcome to El Sports Kabob, a skewered look at the world of sports and pop culture.

Here are the top stories:

A legislative proposal to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings is on shaky ground. The team is seeking a $791 million new stadium to get out of the aging Metrodome. A committee in the Minnesota House voted against the plan and a Senate committee overhauled the bill Wednesday before approving it.
So, clearly this Vikings stadium bill is the MOST controversial bill in America right now

The first event where all of the stands at the New Meadowlands Stadium will be open is a sellout. Mexico’s soccer exhibition at the New Meadowlands Stadium against Ecuador on Friday night sold all of its tickets, and a capacity crowd of more than 75,000 is expected
Of course, many of those 75,000 fans will not be let in stadium if they cannot produce proof of citizenship

One day after San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl linebacker Patrick Willis signed a $50 million contract, New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans has reached agreement on an even bigger deal.
Evans will get $57 million over 7 years, and as a bonus, will also get to keep any oil that washes up near his house on the Gulf

Manager Terry Francona insisted again that the Red Sox are not ready to close the book on struggling designated hitter David Ortiz, saying on Boston sports radio station WEEI that Ortiz would be in Wednesday night’s lineup against the Los Angeles Angels with right-hander Joel Pineiro.
Of course, it should be pointed out that Francona also believes that Randy Quaid is one big movie role from being back on top

The Tennessee Titans have gotten a chance to check out LP Field, where flood waters covered the football field, and the damage appears to be minor. The arena housing the NHL’s Nashville Predators finally dried up enough Tuesday afternoon to turn the power back on in the building
Some good did come from the flooding, however: there was so much water on the University of Tennessee campus that the fires started months ago from burning all the Lane Kiffin memorabilia were finally extinguished

Police in Times Square stopped a car bomb from going off
If detonated, experts say this would have been the biggest bomb in New York since Hideki Irabu

Tim Tebow already leads the NFL in one category: jersey sales. His Denver Broncos No. 15 was by far the most popular on the NFL’s website for April
Of course, most of the jerseys were bought by hipsters, who plan on wearing them ironically in 3 years when Tebow is out of the league

Floyd “Money” Mayweather defeated Shane Mosley Saturday night to stay undefeated
Then, to prove he truly was “Money”, Mayweather was immediately sent to China

An Illinois legislator is calling for the Chicago White Sox to move their spring training camp out of Arizona.
However, the Illinois politician did say that his opinion could be changed, for the right price

The Chicago Bulls fired head coach Vinny Del Negro earlier this week
Then, after only hearing the words “Del Negro”, a confused Al Sharpton organized a protest against the firing

That’s all for this week, leave comments and remember this is Senor Jarrett Carlen saying I feel for the guy who got tasered for running on the field, since sometimes I get tasered by my editors for run on sentences

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