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Sports Kabob – 5/19

Ladies and gentlemen (and especially ladies), welcome to the Sports Kabob, a skewered look at the world of sports and pop culture.

Here are the top stories:

Suns forward Amare Stoudemire said Wednesday morning that he did not regret saying Lakers forward Lamar Odom had a “lucky game” when he had 19 points and 19 rebounds in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.
If true, this would mark the first time an NBA player got lucky without having to then deal with a paternity suit

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has apologized for posting an online streaming video of him taking a shower.
Dockett says he misunderstood when a PR person said the Cardinals should try to market their tight ends

Chad Ochocinco was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week. Ochocinco said he didn’t expect to win.
“A person like me who has no dancing experience winning Dancing with the Stars would be like someone who had no experience being a judge being named to the Supreme Court”

Vikings coach Brad Childress says he doesn’t have an update from Brett Favre about his playing status for next season, or a possible surgery on his injured left ankle.
However, Childress did mention that since he shaved his beard, he is now allowed within 100 feet of elementary schools again

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic has no problem making a few enemies if it means keeping LeBron in Ohio. In response to a New York Daily News article that called Akron “The Middle of Nowhere, Ohio,” the mayor shot back, ”Who the hell wants to live in New York?’
So this just furthers that age old debate: Greatest city in the world – New York or AKRON?

New York Knicks swingman Wilson Chandler was charged Wednesday with a minor drug offense after police said they found marijuana in his car during a traffic stop.
Police say Chandler appeared dazed, confused and listless. In other words, he looked just like all the other Knicks did on the court this season

Chi Chi Rodriguez was robbed inside his home Wednesday by three assailants who stole cash and jewelry worth $500,000, police said.
Apparently the robbery occurred despite Rodriguez’s valiant attempt to fight off the thieves using only his putter as a fencing sword

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov gave a press conference and the brashest statement to come out of his mouth was: “We will turn Knicks fans into Nets fans,”
Prokhorov went on to say that while turning Knicks fans into Nets fans will difficult, its nothing compared to when he used to have to turn men into women before the Olympics while in the USSR years ago

The stepfather of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels was arrested and subdued with a stun gun during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Orlando Magic.
Your move, Mrs. Stoudemire

The New York Yankees protested their 7-6 loss to Boston on Tuesday night because they claimed there was no indication of an injury to Red Sox starter Josh Beckett before he came out in the fifth inning
Commissioner Bud Selig said it was a welcome change to have a baseball protest that didn’t involve the Arizona immigration law

That’s all for this week, leave comments and remember this is Jarrett Carlen asking why everyone is so concerned about oil spills and volcanoes when there are smoke monsters flying around some parts of this world

For more of my observations on the world of sports, as well as politics, entertainment and current events, follow me on twitter @JarrettGC.