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Off the Ice: Possible Kyle Turris trade destinations

There is a new piece to the puzzle of Phoenix Coyotes center Kyle Turris’ status.

The New York Post mentioned on Sunday that Turris supposedly told the Coyotes he would re-sign with the team, so long as he was traded within 48 hours and he brokered the deal. Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney rejected the deal and rightfully so. Turris clearly doesn’t have the Coyotes best interests in mind.

But the two paragraph blurb got me thinking. If Turris wants a guaranteed trade to go through within two days of him penning a new deal, then there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. Because he wants to make the deal himself, Turris showed that his agent, Kurt Overhard, has likely been busy and, to my best guess, they already have a deal in place with more than one team, should something fall through or the Coyotes not agree to the terms.

The big question is, where is Turris likely to end up? I’ve seen numerous trade rumors over the past few months and the below teams are, in my mind, the top five destinations for Turris, should he be traded.

1. Calgary Flames

The Flames are struggling and are too old to change. They have few prospects at center and could be willing to give up a lot to gain a former first round pick. Add in the fact that the Coyotes and Flames seem to be on good trading terms, and I would not be shocked to see Turris in a Calgary sweater.

2. New Jersey Devils

Outside of Patrik Elias, the Devils don’t have a notable center. With the rough-and-tumble Eastern Conference seeing numerous injuries on the year, losing Elias would effectively leave the Devils without a first line center to anchor Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise. Turris could also flourish in New Jersey.

3. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers — yes, the Oilers — are poised to be contenders for a Western Conference playoff spot this year. They have great goaltending and their commitment to young players is paying off. This would be ideal for Turris because he can develop along with some of the top rookies in the NHL.

4. Vancouver Canucks

How could a young kid say no to a storied franchise like the Canucks? The team is solid, but always willing to improve. Turris may not see a ton of ice time right off the bat, but the likelihood of the Canucks looking to build around him is a tempting possibility.

5. Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets suck this year. There, it’s in the open. They are likely willing to do anything (and give up a lot) for a highly-ranked young center, especially considering that their centers are all work guys with no special talent, save for Jeff Carter. Turris would make a nice second line center in Columbus.

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