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Arizona Sports Face-Off: The value of interleague baseball

Interleague play is back, with the National League and
American League facing off in what has become an annual
rite of summer.

The part of the schedule has been around for a while now,
but it got us to wondering: is it still worth it?

That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face-Off.

Vince Marotta:
End it
Green: Keep it
Sixteen years of
interleague play is enough, already.

We’ve seen all the “marquee” matchups and all the other
pairings forced down our throats for a decade and a half.
It doesn’t work anymore.

Teams are forced to adjust their styles and lineups
because of Commissioner Selig’s force-fed plan.

As far as the argument that “it’s nice to see the teams
you don’t see on a regular basis” — go out and get the
MLB package on satellite or cable television.

Diamondbacks fans: would you rather see another visit from
the Cubs, Mets, Cardinals or Phillies or a big three-game
set against the A’s or Mariners? That’s who you’re
getting this year.

Every other major professional sport in the USA has
interleague play, only they don’t call it that. Instead,
it’s just known as “the schedule.”

Seriously, the first person to give me a legitimate reason
besides “it’s just not baseball” or something like that
deserves a medal, because there is zero reason to be
against it.

As a fan, I get to see teams and players I otherwise would
not get to. Does the scheduling get to be a little
unbalanced? Sure, but that doesn’t mean interleague should
end, only that it can and should be improved.

So Vince can take his stance, that’s fine. He’s more than
welcome to cry about something that works in every other
sport, and has proven to be a success in baseball, too.