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Dallas Cowboys owner Jones raps about pizza

For the better part of a decade Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones represented everything Cardinals fans hated.

His teams were successful and his fans packed Sun Devil Stadium. Meanwhile Bill Bidwill, who owned the Cardinals, continually fielded teams that finished near the bottom of the NFC East.

Well, while this certainly won’t erase the pain of Buddy Ryan walking off the field before the game was over or Kevin Smith’s pass interference that wasn’t called, the sight of Jones rapping should, ummm, make Cowboys fans feel a little uneasy.

That should make Cardinals fans feel a little better.

The Dallas boss did a spot for Papa John’s, who is offering the “Cowboys 5-Star Combo”. If you can get past the sight of the 69-year-old (with the face of someone at least 20 years younger) Jones bouncing around and dropping some dope lyrics, you would learn that you can get a large pizza with up to five toppings along with a two-liter Pepsi for just $10.99.

We’re betting that gets lost on the shuffle.