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Kobe Bryant ‘death stare’ gets video game treatment

The Los Angeles Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown just five games into the 2012-13 season.

Sure, the Lakeshow got off to a 1-4 start, but with a roster full of new players, like the injured Steve Nash, many feel like the coach deserved more of a chance to fix things.

There are those who feel the move to can Brown came about at Kobe Bryant’s request, as the star has a reputation for not exactly getting along with coaches. And, what Kobe wants Kobe gets, so at the very least it’s doubtful he pleaded with his bosses to keep the his coach around.

In fact, he may have encouraged the decision.

Bryant was caught giving Brown what many have dubbed as a “death stare” late in a loss to the Utah Jazz earlier in the week, and the coach was canned two days later. Video of the stare can be seen below:

Of course, no matter what Bryant says with regards to whether or not he played a role in the move to dismiss Brown, people will believe what they want.

And we’re glad about that, because not only does it make Bryant look bad, but also spawns some creative people to do some pretty funny things. Take, for instance, the photo pictured below, where the stare got the video game treatment: