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Prince Amukamara no longer goes No. 2 before games

Sideline reporters have a tricky job trying to inform viewers of things that can’t already see for themselves.

At Madison Square Garden, often times that involves doing an impromptu interview with a celebrity or athlete in the stands.

During the Knicks’ Friday night home game against the Wizards, however, MSG’s Jill Martin learned that sometimes the interviews can get a little bit too personal.

Speaking with former Apollo High School star Prince Amukamara, a second-year cornerback with the New York Giants, Martin opted for fan questions to get through the interview.

Two words: bad idea.

When asked what his pregame ritual was, the 23-year-old defensive back was rather poignant.

“I use to have a ritual where I went No. 2 before every game,” Amukamara said alluding to his bathroom habits. “But that stopped working for me, so I discontinued that.”

Too bad for Martin, she couldn’t discontinue the interview before Amukamara took things a little too far.

While she played along nicely, here’s hoping that Amukamara’s rigid head coach, Tom Coughlin, didn’t get wind of his televised remarks.