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Report: Nash fighting ex-wife’s move to California

Rewind, if you will, back to the summer when Steve Nash told anyone who would listen that one of the big reasons why he orchestrated a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers was so that he could be closer to his kids.

The Suns didn’t want him anymore, and Toronto or New York was too far away from his children, who live with their mother in Phoenix. As bitter as a Suns fan could be for seeing one of the greatest players in team history fly the coop to the hated Lakers, you could at least respect that fatherly decision.

However, TMZ is reporting that Nash’s ex-wife Alejandra is interested in relocating to California with the kids. It’s a perfect solution, right? Not so, according to the report.

We’re told Nash has objected and is waging a legal war to prevent it from happening.

Our sources say Alejandra hired one of the biggest divorce lawyers in L.A., Lance Spiegel, to fight Nash in both AZ and California courts.

The report also goes on to say that Nash would have to pay a lot more in child support but there is a gag order in effect, so info is hard to come by.