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Chad Johnson pleads on national TV for one more shot in NFL

Chad Johnson use to be known as one of the league’s elite wide receivers, catching at least 87 receptions per year between 2003-2007 with the Cincinnati Bengals.

These days, Johnson — who was released by the Miami Dolphins in August after being arrested for domestic battery — has became a caricature of his former self.

Never short on gimmicks — be it the Hall of Fame jacket, the name change or handing an NFL official a dollar bill — the six-time Pro Bowler tried his hand in yet another one on live television Wednesday morning.

When most people are looking for new work, they go around handing out resumes to prospective employers. Johnson took a rather different approach.

Looking for one final shot to prolong his professional career, Johnson took to ESPN’s FirstTake desk to plea with any general manager who might be tuning in.

While it was concise and seemed partly genuine, it also reeked of desperation, and oh by way, was entirely inaccurate.

Johnson described himself as humble, quiet and always open.

Good luck with that one, Chad.