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Judge gets in trouble after posting message on Johnny Football’s speeding ticket

Police officers give out tickets every day. Some, though, are apparently more noteworthy than others.

Friday afternoon, judge Lee Johnson of Ennix, Tex. just couldn’t contain his excitement over the local police department’s latest speeding victim: Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M.

According to, Johnson took to his Facebook account to post the following:

Too funny. So it seems that a certain (very) recent Heisman Trophy winner from a certain unnamed “college” down south of here got a gift from the Ennis P.D. while he was speeding on the 287 bypass yesterday. It appears that even though the OU defense couldn’t stop im, the City of Ennis P.D. is a different story altogether. Time to grow up/slow down young ‘un. You’ve got your whole life/career ahead of you. Gig Em indeed.

It seems the joke was on Johnson, however, because the city manager in Ennis publicly apologized and the judge was reprimanded for his Facebook post, despite clarifying that it should have read “allegedly” speeding.