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Virginia Tech kicker pepper sprays local restaurant

Virginia Tech’s junior kicker Cody Journell was not too shabby in 2013, making 20 of his 25 field goal attempts.

The same can not be said for his recent display of table manners.

While dining at a local Buffalo Wild Wings in Blacksburg, Va. this past week, Journell said he got the bright idea to show a female friend how to use pepper spray.

Only when he returned the spray to his friend, it set off the entire can and caused quite a disruption in the restaurant.

Here’s what the Collegiate Times (Virginia Tech’s student newspaper) had to say on the incident:

The entire bar and most of the restaurant ran outside onto the patio. People were crying, coughing and throwing up from the effects of the gas.

The restaurant was cleared for approximately an hour and about $50 dollars of tabs were left unpaid. Those working at the time also lost money in unpaid tips.

“I think he meant to do it,” the server admitted, based on observation, “But I don’t think he knew it was going to have the effect that it had.”

No charges were pressed by the restaurant, as Journell was actually the one to report the incident to local police.