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Football players kicked off team for ‘Harlem Shake’ video

The ‘Harlem Shake’ has quickly become the internet sensation of 2013, especially in the sports world.

This past week, football players at Division III Susquehanna University (PA) decided to get into the act, turning a routine day of weights into an all-out dance party.

According to, Susquehanna athletic director Pamela S. Samuelson didn’t take too kindly to the video and personally kicked 11 players of the team for their involvement.

Samuelson released the following statement:

“Susquehanna University promotes a culture of respect and personal responsibility. Participation in intercollegiate athletics is a great privilege. The student-athlete handbook calls upon student-athletes to be exemplary role models by demonstrating respect for others and acting in a first-class manner.

“We are disappointed by this behavior and the way in which these student-athletes represented our teams and the university. We hope that they learn from this experience, and that they will earn their way back to representing Susquehanna as members of their teams.”

Granted there are a few “questionable moves” in the video, but Samuelson’s reactionary decision seems a bit over the top considering student-athletes have done far worse to warrant that level of punishment.