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Ole Miss star delivers a rather short post-game interview

It’s no secret that most athletes don’t enjoy media interviews.

They often do so because they are required to, or because they don’t want their image to take a hit. Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to blame them, after all who wants several microphones and recorders shoved in their face after a physically-draining contest?

Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing to hear an athlete tell reporters what he’s really thinking.

Case in point, Mississippi basketball’s Marshall Henderson.

Henderson’s 25 points led Ole Miss to a 84-74 overtime win against Georgia over the weekend. And being that it was a Saturday and he is a college student, Henderson wasted little time letting the media know he had bigger plans than sitting around shooting the breeze about a 10-point victory.

“If it’s all the same,” Henderson told reporters. “It’s Saturday night. I’m out.”

I guess when you’re the SEC’s leading scorer (19.5), you can get away with a 10-word post-game interview.

Regardless, you have to admire the guy’s honesty.