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‘We have cheap beer!’ say the Suns

Earlier this week published its study of beer prices in the NBA. According to the report, the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks have the priciest brews in the league.

The study says the Suns’ average beer price is $9 — almost double the cheapest suds in the league. Both Oklahoma City and San Antonio offer beers at an average price of $5.

The Suns, however, do offer $5 beers at different locations around US Airways Center.

A team spokesperson emailed the following information:

“Most importantly, if you look closely at the Business Insider story, the reporter is comparing the cost of ‘small draft beers,’ not the ‘average’ at arenas. For some reason, and probably because he begins his piece talking about the average cost of a beer in the NBA, a lot of outlets are reporting that the $9 cost in his piece is an average. But his chart actually references ‘small draft beers.’ Hence why it’s important to know that we offer $5 draft beers throughout the arena, and that the $9 price point the reporter references is grossly inaccurate.”

The original report on has been changed to reflect the information shared by the Suns.

There’s only one way to get to the bottom of this — The Haboob is going to US Airways Center to do a little “research.”

Now where is that key to the petty cash drawer?