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No, Los Angeles news guy, Phoenix’s hockey team is not called the ‘Suns’

Don’t you sometimes feel like someone doesn’t deserve the nice things they have?

Well, envy is a bad look for most people and not something to be proud of.

However, every now and then it’s well deserved, and one such instance is the Los Angeles area, which is home to the Stanley Cup Champion Kings as well as the Anaheim Ducks.

As we in the Valley know, the Kings knocked the Coyotes out of the playoffs last season en route to the championship. The Ducks are not the Kings, but still, same sport and same general vicinity.

And, apparently, what those in the City of Angels don’t know — at least, their news anchors (or producers) don’t — is the sport of hockey, the teams that play in it and how the game actually works.

If only championships were awarded to cities that actually knew and cared about the sport, then the Coyotes still wouldn’t have one. But neither would the Kings, so there’s that.

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