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Dodgers, Padres brawl after Zack Greinke dots Carlos Quentin

Things escalated quickly in San Diego this evening.

It started with Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Zack Greinke hitting San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin in the left arm. (It may have really started after Matt Kemp was buzzed on an 0-2 pitch in the first inning.) When Greinke hit Quentin his catcher was set up low and outside. But the count was full and it was a one-run game. Hmmm.

After that it got interesting — and Vin Scully did a marvelous job of giving the play-by-play throughout.

Greinke took Quentin on like a linebacker trying to plug a hole (UPDATE: In what looked like a smart move, he turned his body for his left shoulder to take the brunt of the collision and not his right. Turns out he fractured his collar bone and will be sidelined for awhile.). Both benches cleared and a big dog pile broke out in the infield.

Kemp came sprinting in from the outfield and was ready to fight anyone and everyone wearing Padres gear. He was seen telling San Diego manager Bud Black “don’t touch me” multiple times.

When all was thought to be calm another clearing of the benches ensued with a bunch of yelling taking place — most of it coming from Kemp.

In the end four players went to the showers early. Three were ejected and Greinke left with the injury.

The teams play again on Monday night. That should be fun.

Before the Dodgers get another piece of the Padres they make their way to Arizona to take on the D-backs for a weekend series. Hopefully the Padres stole some of their focus and energy.

UPDATE from about after the game:

In the tunnel is where Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin met in a tense, face-to-face confrontation, Kemp asking Quentin why he’d charge the mound, Quentin saying his head was thrown at. Quentin started pointing, Kemp warned Quentin to stop and at that point the pair was separated by teammates and friends. Hanley Ramirez first intervened, then Clayton Kershaw grabbed Kemp from going back for more, while Clayton Richard was backing up Quentin.