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Tiger Woods called out by Lindsey Vonn’s ex-husband

Tiger Woods has dominated the headlines this weekend, after he incorrectly placed his ball during a drop at the Masters’ 15th hole Friday afternoon.

Woods’ second shot hit off the flag stick and into the water, and the No. 1 player in the world elected to take his next shot from the original spot. Unfortunately, Woods’ placed the ball two yards back from the original spot — a big no-no in the sport — and while he wasn’t DQ’d for signing an improper scorecard, the 14-time major winner was assessed a two-stroke penalty by the tournament committee Saturday morning.

Ironically, Tiger’s misstep was called in by an unnamed viewer who happened to be watching the tournament on television.

Outside of golf, Woods has garnered plenty of additional media attention in recent months for his rather public relationship with Olympic gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn.

It seems her ex-husband, Thomas Vonn, isn’t all that thrilled about the formation of the power couple. So much so that he jokingly took credit for Tiger’s penalty.

Let’s be honest, petty isn’t a good look on Mr. Vonn. His ex-wife is now with the world’s best golfer, and he has to resort to potshots via social media. Advantage, Woods.