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FCC Chairman: No problem with Ortiz’s cursing

Saturday afternoon at Fenway Park was a special day for all involved.

In the Red Sox’s first home game since the Boston Marathon bombings, fans were treated to a stadium-wide anthem rendition, an appearance by Neil Diamond and a game-winning home run by Daniel Nava in the eighth inning.

Oh, and the return of David Ortiz.

During the day’s pre-game ceremonies, Big Papi gave an impassioned speech to the crowd — one that featured a prominent F-bomb. Ortiz’s foul mouth was aired on NESN’s live broadcast, but it didn’t seem rattle the folks over at the FCC.

Here’s what FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski had to say on the matter:

It’s nice to see in the wake of recent events, the FCC can let one curse word slide.