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Goalie celebrates save that ended up being a goal anyway

We’ve got to credit for finding this gem.

And it is, indeed, a gem.

A South Carolina 4A state championship soccer game between Irmo and Lexington was not settled after two overtime periods, so they turned to penalty kicks.

And as anyone who has watched soccer knows, that situation is none-too-favorable for a keeper.

Anyway, the score was tied at 3-3 heading into the last round of kicks, which is when Irmo’s Mattison Gossett lined up for his chance against Lexinton goalie Jacob Parton.

Parton, who basically had to guess where Gossett was going to kick the ball, did so correctly. He moved to his right and dove to the ground, getting his hands on the ball and seemingly making the save.

However, the ball bounced off his hands and, while the keeper was celebrating the save, rolled into the net anyway. Oops.

As far as ways to lose a game, this one easily has to rank as one of the most painful.