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Tony Parker denied service at Memphis restaurant

Playoff time often creates a sense of hostility between fans, opposing players and yes, sometimes the food that gets shared between them.

Food poisoning apparently is not an uncommon practice if you want to try and take down your favorite team’s favorite. Even earlier this year, personal trainer Tim Grover attributed tainted hotel room service for Michael Jordan’s famous “flu game”.

But San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker didn’t even have to worry about ill-prepared food earlier Friday in Memphis. He wasn’t even given the chance to be served at popular establishment.

Parker attempted to eat at Restaurant Iris, but was promptly denied upon entry.

The owner confirmed as much but gave a slightly different reason than the “he plays for the team that’s up 3-0 on the Grizzlies” logic.

Something tells us if Mike Conley or Zach Randolph walked in, one of those 13 lucky tables would open right away.

So much for Southern hospitality.