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Streaker costs Finnish soccer team a goal

Usually when a fan decides to go streaking on the field, it’s cause for mild laughter and a brief delay in the action.

Unfortunately for the Finnish soccer team Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK), the latest occurrence didn’t end in a laugh.

During the club’s Sunday night contest against Rovaniemen Palloseura (RoPS), a fan dressed only in black spandex tried to make a name for himself and in the process had a hand, or we should say a body, in the final outcome.

Because of the man’s trek across the pitch, HJK had a goal called off due to fan interference, and as you can imagine, the players were none too pleased.

Let’s just say security wasn’t necessary when the fan was finally brought to the ground.

Despite the disallowed goal, HJK still went on to win 2-0.