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Suns’ D-Leaguer @kingarrett10 is a must-follow on Twitter

According to his Twitter bio, @kingarrett10 (a.k.a. Diante Garrett) is “a father and a cool regular guy that plays basketball for the Phoenix Suns!!!”

But a glance at the Suns D-Leaguer’s tweets would reveal that the 6-foot-4 point guard out of Iowa State is far from regular, and thus worth a follow.

Also, he doesn’t really play a lot of basketball for the Suns!!! (Another point in his favor, we say; who wants to follow Goran Dragic or Luis Scola? Borrrrrring.)

Want to see @kingarrett10 play? Well, his bio won’t inform you of this, but most of his on-court excitement of late has been with the Bakersfield Jam!!! Prior to that, the 24-year-old had stints with KK Zagreb!!! in Croatia and French team JSF Nanterre!!!

But if you never made it to a Euro game or failed to make the trip to scenic Bakersfield, you’re in luck, because you can see Garrett at his best right here on your computer or mobile device.

Garrett, who has tweeted a staggering 26,623 times to date, is just as entertaining off the court as he is on it — which is saying a lot — providing his Twitter followers with everything from smooth-talk and sensual intrigue to food-mongering and locale pinging.

This Monday morning tweet is just the surface of @kingarrett10’s hysteric hoopla:

(Four retweets on that zinger.)

Prefer romance to hour-by-hour pinging? Garrett’s got it:


Explaining what he’s doing with those call-outs:

Hmm. Well, there’s more, but let’s take a gander at Garrett’s documented starvation:

Poor guy.

Phew! We were getting worried.

Just four retweets?!

How about food + romance tweets? Garrett’s got em:

Remember, everything he writes is either for her or about her.

How many D-Leaguers take the time to let you into their life like this? Honestly, we haven’t the faintest idea, but that’s beside the point.

Pssshhh. Speak for yourself, Diante. We’re all floored.

You already are, kin.