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Bowler loses perfect game in painful fashion

Imagine if you will…you’re standing with your ball in hand, one strike away from a bowler’s holy grail — a perfect 300 game.

That’s what Troy Walker experienced last weekend in Houston. He had rolled 11 straight strikes and was just one away from the accomplishment.

His approach was solid, the release perfect. His ball looked like it would deliver immortality — until the pinsetter came down and blocked its path.


Walker waited a moment, and then took his second attempt at 300, but came up three pins short.

Ouch again.

“That was odd,” Walker said. “But that was probably my fault on that one. The guy on the right lane left the 4 and the 7 up there and I thought he was done in the 10th, so I went and reset it. So they had to re-rack the 4-7 and they did it on the wrong lane, right in front of the 12th shot.”

Wow, somebody in “sports” taking responsibility for their mistake? Troy Walker is a rarity, indeed.