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J.J. Putz thunderstruck by mysterious premature guitar riff

Relief pitcher J.J. Putz got a taste of his own medicine Saturday night at Chase Field.

The clubhouse prankster was Thunderstruck a split-second prior to delivering a pitch to New York Mets second baseman Justin Turner during the ninth inning.

The blaring noise, later identified as the beginning of Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart,” was so loud and alarming that it caused Putz to spike the ball directly in front of the pitcher’s mound while catcher Wil Nieves quickly jumped to his feet from behind the plate, flailing his arms confusedly in the air, looking upward.

But the mystery didn’t last long, as the apparent guilty party — a Chase Field sound tech — raised his hands, as if to announce responsibility.

How’d it feel, J.J.?