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Diamondbacks pull a lottery prank on Wade Miley

It might seem redundant, but some professional athletes like to try to strike it big in the lottery.

Such is the case with Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Wade Miley, an alleged frequent lottery ticket buyer. Miley and mental skills coach Peter Crone have a Sunday ritual of scratching off multiple lottery tickets, according to Steve Gilbert of

Crone apparently talked to J.J. Putz earlier this season about pulling a prank on Miley, and that stunt has come to fruition.

Putz had fellow reliever Will Harris buy a fake lottery ticket, which they mixed in with some real ones before Miley and Crone rifled through a stack of stubs on Sunday, Aug. 11.

Miley, 26, fell for the faux winning ticket hook, line and sinker. Thinking he’d won $10,000, the starting pitcher ran around the team’s trainer’s room high-fiving and hugging teammates.

Someone was able to catch Miley’s reaction on camera, and the team sent the video to the MLB Network, which aired the “gotcha” moment last week.