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Dude Perfect swishes once again with ‘Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball’

Dude Perfect made YouTube fame back in 2009 with trick shot wizardry.

Four years, 1,488,015 subscribers and 140,511,022 views later (and obviously counting), the guys are still at it, and they’ve diversified.

The days of impossible H-O-R-S-E shots are all but done. Now, Dude Perfect, hailing from College Station, Texas, has videos featuring Johnny Manziel making unbelievable football throws. They collaborated with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. They roped NASCAR drivers into competing in trick shot battles. They changed up their props, making baseball videos, paper airplane videos, NERF gun videos and volleyball videos.

And their latest video provides something totally different — a comedic look at various pickup basketball stereotypes.

Tackling popular court personalities such as The Football Player, Mr. Excuses, The Player Coach and The Looks Can Be Deceiving Guy, Dude Perfect delivers once again.