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An all-PED All-Star team

Steroids should be proud of themselves. Their run in baseball, which is hopefully coming to an end, aided some historically awesome careers. After all, they are performance-enhancing drugs.

Just how much they enhanced the performances of the last two decades in baseball, we will likely never know. But the facts stand — a lot of the baseball players who played, or allegedly played, under the influence of PEDs were just prodigiously good.

Last week, a baseball blog — — rostered an All-PED All-Star team, and it, too, is prodigiously good.

Carrying the likes of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, the team also has former MVP Ryan Braun on the bench, along with Gary Sheffield and David Justice, among others.

Here’s a glimpse at’s work:

C: Ivan Rodriguez
1B: Mark McGwire
2B: Chuck Knoblauch
3B: Ken Caminiti
SS: Alex Rodriguez
OF: Barry Bonds
OF: Manny Ramirez
OF: Sammy Sosa
DH: Jose Canseco
SP: Roger Clemens
RP: Eric Gagne

Bench: Rafael Palmeiro, Ryan Braun, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Juan Gonzalez, David Justice

Bullpen: Kevin Brown, Andy Pettitte, Bartolo Colon

Wow. Talk about a star-studded, corked-bat toting, awful-fielding, sleazy cast.