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High school running back gets helmet turned backwards, keeps going

When an athlete plays “like he has eyes in the back of his head,” it’s usually a good thing.

But, if that athlete can’t see out of his front, there is a problem.

Such a situation happened to Christian Young of Bountiful Viewmont High School in Utah. Yahoo reports Young got a handoff in a game against crosstown rival Bountiful High and a defender yanked his helmet completely around behind the line of scrimmage.

Young could have just fallen to the ground and the team could have advanced the ball with the face-mask penalty, but the determined running back kept going, despite not being able to see where he was going. He tried to turn the helmet around while running and ended up getting smashed on the far side of the field, adding another memorable image to the blooper-filled run.

He probably took a bigger hit than he needed to and couldn’t even see it coming, but you have to admire his fortitude.