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Eminem joins Kirk Herbstreit, Brent Musburger in booth during Michigan-Notre Dame game

“I’m really uncomfortable right now,” Marshall Mathers, the Grammy-winning rapper, said while on set with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger during Saturday’s Michigan-Notre Dame game.

Yeah, he looked it too.

Before the first question, the rapper’s head swayed back and forth, his eyes yawningly agape as he stared down in the direction of the field, eliciting guffaws from Herbstreit, though Musburger was hardly fazed.

Mathers (more commonly known as Eminem) is a Michigan native, although he seemed mostly unenthused by the two-touchdown lead the Wolverines had during his interview segment, which was painfully awkward.

Herbstreit was red in the face, the smooth, sharp, freestyle-rapping Mathers was stuttering and Musburger was frozenly gawking throughout the appearance.

“What are you most excited about for this upcoming record?” Herbstreit asked.

“Nothing,” Mathers replied.

Herbstreit, confused, tosses his hands in the air, before Mathers — still straight-faced — clarifies: “I guess I’m just most excited to be done with it.”

Such was the interview, which seemingly went nowhere.

Until, of course, Musburger attempted to wrap things up and Mathers prompted a three-way lauding.

“Just like they have fantasy football or whatever,” he began, turned toward Musburger, “I’ve got you on my fantasy announcer team.”

Musburger’s body shook with giggles.

Then, Mathers brought his praise harangue to a sudden halt.

“Kirk, you’re great too,” he said. “Much respect.”

He turned back to Musburger, adding, “You are a legend.”

“You, sir, are the legend,” the 74-year-old broadcaster quipped back, going on to list off the rapper’s accolades after an agreeing assertion from Herbstreit.

“Yes, you are.”

There’s a zero percent chance you had a more awkward moment Saturday.