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Kate Nolan of Fox Sports 1 obliterates Astros over ‘Ladies Night’

Oh yes, it’s Ladies Night, and the feeling…is not quite right?

Yes, we just referenced a 34-year-old Kool & the Gang song, and if you still don’t get it, as Ron Wolfley would say, “Google it, my young crunks!”

In what can only be viewed as a desperate attempt to boost their depressing attendance figures, the woeful Houston Astros have unveiled plans for Ladies Night for Friday’s game against the New York Yankees.

For $33, women get a ticket to the game, a ‘Baseball 101’ talk, a ‘Diamond, bling and glittery things’ happy hour (whatever that is), complimentary beauty treatments and and exclusive Ladies Night gift from a corporate sponsor.

To say that the promotion was not received well by women (or men, for that matter) would be a gross understatement.

But Katie Nolan of Fox Sports 1 takes the cake for her scathing open letter to the Astros organization on her show “Crowd Goes Wild.” Enjoy.