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Hunter Pence teaches little leaguers his (bush) league secrets

If Eddie Waitkus was The Natural, then Hunter Pence must be, well, his antithesis — ‘The Unnatural.’

Pence is the most ungraceful baseball player you’ve ever seen. Bartolo Colon’s got nothing on him. The Giants’ right fielder runs with unclenched fists, flails his entire body just to return the ball to the infield, rapidly swings his bat like an old-man golfer to warm up and seems to grimace through it all.

He’s a complete anomaly of a baseball player.

And now, he can teach your son his techniques at Hunter’s Hitters Youth Baseball Camp.

Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard produced the infomercial, which plugs lessons like “throwing like you don’t have an elbow.”

Pence also points out that you can’t spell “fundamentals” without the word “fun,” but you can use the letters in fundamentals to spell “sandman flute”.

Big league secrets.

We know, he’s no Tom Emanski. He’s Hunter Pence.