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Division II running back does front flip over defender, gets extra yardage

Arizona Cardinals fans may remember fullback Larry Centers’ leap over Dallas Cowboys safety Darren Woodson in 1995, and it’s a type of play that happens every so often in football, but one Division II running back has taken the move to the next level.

On Saturday, senior Martee Tenner of Lincoln (Mo.) took a handoff up the middle and got a good chunk of yardage before he had defenders coming at him from his right and straight ahead in the open field.

So what did he do?

The 5-foot-9 running back leaped into the air and flipped over the Southwest Baptist defensive back in front on him. He even gained at least ten more yards after landing the flip.

Not only is Tenner’s acrobatic move impressive to watch, but it’s also amusing to look at his teammates’ reactions after he pulled off the feat. Lincoln went on to win the game 51-28.

Talk about having your world turned upside down — and coming out the better for it.