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Watch college basketball fans go crazy on their team’s 10th point of game

Another year, another “Silent Night” event for Taylor University’s men’s basketball team.

When the team reached its 10th point in a game Friday against in-state rival Indiana Dabney, fans went wild and stormed the court, stopping play as if they had just won a championship, as seen in a fan video.

It’s a tradition that’s been going on for more than 20 years at the small Christian college in Upland, Ind. Once a season on the Friday before fall final exams, Taylor’s fans stay dead quiet as the game starts and up until the team reaches 10 points. And that’s when it turns into a party in the stands — and sometimes on the court, as in this year’s case.

After a few minutes of bedlam, the event goes back to being a normal game — except, according to Deadspin, Taylor’s fans usually sing “Silent Night” near the end of the game and they have a campus-wide Christmas party afterward.

About a minute into the video below, you can see a young boy on the court in what appears to be a Carson Palmer Cincinnati Bengals jersey. The kid randomly punches a balloon several times amid the celebration.

Taylor won this year’s “Silent Night” showdown 94-72.