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Arizona Western punter’s punt may be worst ever

Ever heard of the Fisher Automotive El Toro Bowl?

Neither had we but, boy, we wish we would have so we could have seen the NJCAA spectacle below in real time.

There he was, the Arizona Western punter (his name is escaping us at the moment) in his own end zone, the blustery wind chapping his face as his team — the Matadors, namely, we learned — trailed the mighty Broncos of the New Mexico Military Institute, 30-16.

The punter takes the snap, launches the ball high into the air, getting great hang time and landing the ball on the 8 yard line where it bounced all the way into the end zone! Only problem: it landed on his own 8, bouncing into his own end zone. For a safety.

Always dodging, the Matadors blamed the Yuma wind.