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Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson makes human pinball machine out of Middle Tennessee State

You’ve probably heard of the term “circus shot,” but an Ole Miss star may have just created a need for the phrase “circus pass.” And by “circus pass,” we mean one that finds its way through the hoop.

During a home game against Middle Tennessee State on Saturday, guard Marshall Henderson attempted a forceful shovel pass into the lane in the first half.

The senior’s pass caromed off two defenders and miraculously bounced skyward and went through the hoop, nothing but net. Henderson was behind the arc, so the pass/shot counted as three points.


His teammate, Jarvis Summers, even got an assist on the play, even though it probably should have gone to one of the two MTSU players off which the ball bounced.

Henderson didn’t shoot well in the game (4-for-11 from the field), so the improbable shot helped his overall percentage. All of his baskets happened to be 3-pointers as well. Ole Miss downed the Blue Raiders 72-63.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Dude Perfect try to replicate, or one-up, Henderson’s miraculous shot.