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Hockey goalie wears greatest jersey ever in All-Star game

Russia is no stranger to things that may seem a little, um, weird to the rest of the world.

And when you combine a little bit of Russian with a hockey goalie — someone who willingly has rubber discs that can travel faster than 100 mph shot at them — things might get a little weird.

That was definitely the case in the All-Star Game for the KHL — Russia’s professional hockey league. But hey, if you’re going to have some fun in net, why not do it with fake rippling muscles?

This game also featured a skills competition that included a player putting on a fish mask, putting a puck in his mouth, and diving through the goalie’s leg to score.

I don’t think any of these guys are going to be accused of not having enough fun anytime soon.

Here’s a highlight video of the madness … it’s a little lengthy, but you can find the fish goal at 1:45 and the muscle-man goalie at 6:10: