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Watch British people attempt to describe the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman

As the world gets ready for Super Bowl Sunday, the folks at BuzzFeed decided to sit down with a few British people and get their take on America’s biggest game.

We won’t give away too much of the one-and-a-half minute video, but let’s just say they have many odd comments — some gripes, and some just out of left field, due to naivety on the subject — about the big game. They also seem to know more about the halftime acts than the actual sport.

The video’s guests are also shown the clip of Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews, and their reactions to Sherman’s so-called rant are surprisingly positive.

This video shows that even though the NFL has tried to bring the game overseas to the United Kingdom, it still has a ways to go in terms of capturing the admiration of — or even the attention of — the British.