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West Chester University student hits halfcourt shot for $10,000, but it doesn’t count

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, a student makes a valiant effort trying to win $10,000 during halftime of a West Chester University of Pennsylvania basketball game.

For the contest, the student, whose name is Jack, is required to hit a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a halfcourt shot all in 25 seconds. He also has to grab his own rebounds.

It’s a feat that asks lot of its participants, and one that would be impressive even coming from the NBA and WNBA players who participated in Saturday’s Sears Shooting Stars Challenge at the All-Star Weekend.

Jack makes it through the first three “obstacles” quite easily, taking only 10 seconds, but he got to halfcourt and airballed the attempt. Jack scrambled to recover the ball and ran back to halfcourt to get off one more shot before the clock expired, which is when he banked in a fall-away heave, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

So, he walked away $10,000 richer, right?

Unfortunately, while he did get the long shot off in time — barely — Jack was supposed to make his first halfcourt attempt to win the prize, as noted in the YouTube video’s description, which was composed from the school’s account. They might want to tell that rule to their announcer, who noticeably encouraged Jack to recover the missed shot and take one more crack at it. Jack could have been saved from all that extra hustle.

It was a hell of an effort, though. And a hell of a heave.