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College hockey fan navigates ‘Kiss Cam’ awkwardness with his sister

If you’re a spectator at any sport in the free world, you’ve been subjected to the “Kiss Cam.”

You know, during a timeout, they’ll blare “Kiss” by Prince or Tom Jones’ awful rendition and they’ll pan the crowd in hopes of getting two people to kiss.

There’s always the old couple that draws the oohs and ahs from the crowd. There’s always a couple that looks really uncomfortable before they succumb to the pressure of a dreaded PDA. And there’s always the shot of two unsuspecting members of the opposing team. Always.

But what happens when you’re at a game and the female you’re sitting next to is your sister? How do you explain that without the use of the spoken word?

One Minnesota Gophers hockey fan figured it out — he planned ahead, made a sign and got ready just in case.

And wouldn’t you know it, the sign came in handy. Well done, sir.