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Wolf roaming the halls in Sochi?

Oh Sochi.

Whether it’s unfinished buildings, not-quite-right Olympic facilities or the many, many dogs roaming the streets, it seems like there’s always something that makes you wonder why the Olympic Committee chose the area in the first place.

Still, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to enjoy the follies from afar, and this is no different.

Kate Hansen, who is a member of the USA luge team, shot a video of what she was thinking may have been a wolf roaming through the halls of her building.

Now, whether it was actually a wolf or not no one knows, because it’s possible this was just a big fluffy dog who probably was just looking for someone to rub its belly.

Either way, it certainly joins the growing list of #SochiProblems.

Update: It appears this may have been a hoax perpetrated by that Jimmy Kimmel fella.