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ABC mixes up Phoenix Suns logo during Thunder-Clippers broadcast

Somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do.

During Sunday’s broadcast of an early Los Angeles Clippers-Oklahoma City Thunder game, ABC put up a graphic that shows the current standings of the Clippers’ division, the Pacific.

Our hometown Phoenix Suns also happen to occupy the same division, but ABC couldn’t put the team with its correct logo, as seen in a picture taken by Twitter user Sam Ficarro and direct tweeted to the Suns.

ABC’s graphic shows the logo of the Portland Trail Blazers where the Suns’ should be.


Coincidentally, the two teams are no strangers to engaging in Twitter trash talk. Phoenix currently owns this year’s series against the Blazers 2 games to 1, and the two will face each other one last time on April 4 in Portland.

Perhaps the person who screwed up the logos is also the same one who mixed up nearly every country’s flag in an early medal count of the Sochi Olympics. That happened in the case of a local news station affiliated with, you guessed it, ABC.

We may be on to something here.