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Minor league baseball team creates tastiest uniform combination in history

The phrase “I’ll eat my hat” might have a whole new meaning now.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ Triple-A team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, have released a new hat. And it’s awesome.

The pants also feature bacon-style piping down each leg.

Nom noms.

Sadly, you probably won’t actually want to eat this hat, tasty as it may appear. After all, it is a hat, and thus not made of traditionally edible food or food stuff.

However, along with the hat the team is also releasing a “scratch-and-sniff” shirt that allegedly smells like bacon. For the price of $22, you can have a shirt that keeps that wonderful scent for 10-15 washes. Again, you won’t want to eat the shirt, but still…bacon…mmmm….